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Over 80 items and services offered!

  See list below!

 The 8th annual WCOB Auction!

Saturday March 24

Preview at 4:00, Bidding starts at 5


1. Film & slide converter                                                                        Verna Hartman

2. Garden hat wall hanging                                                                      Pat Rahn

3. Jeanette Cake Box Pedestal, circa 1950                                              Nancy & Ray Dotter

4. Peggy Karr Glass Design Plates (2, sold separately)                          Tim & Jill Speicher

5. Picnic for 8 at the Bechtels                                                                  Doug & Brenda Bechtel

6. Kid’s Basket                                                                                          Bauer/Young families

7. Blueberry Pie                                                                                           Sue Blatt

8. Two embroidered guest towels, sold separately                                 Barb Pettit

9. Romanian Crystal Wine decanter & 6 Glasses                                        Ray & Nancy Dotter

10. 12 general admission Fightin’ Phils tickets                                            A friend

11. Banana Split Cake (one week notice)                                                     Sarah Sallada

12. Lady’s Lacy hand knit scarf                                                                     Dorothy Smith

13. 2 people for 1 hour Blueberry Picking, 7/2-7/20                               John & Barbara Rittle

14. Up to 12 hours room or furniture painting                                            Fawn Seifrit

15. ¼ pound Peanut Butter Fudge (4 offered)                                            Linda Voelker

16. Wall Hanging, modern, red and black, 6 x 10                                       Pat Gault

17. Fresh Breakfast from the Farm!                                                           Mary Jo & Ted Noble

  (Bacon, eggs, ham, bread, jam)

18. Original Watercolor Print, Covered Bridge                                            Walt Markey

19. Air Show Picnic at the Hoover’s for WW II weekend                              Linda Hoover

(For 2 couples, or small immediate family, Friday June 1,

 Saturday, June 2 or Sunday, June 5)

20. 14 x 14 Pillow made with Silk Ties, embroidered                                Ronnie Bridges

21. Lorraine’s Luscious Pecan Pie                                                              Nancy Dotter

22. Tea for 2! Two turquoise hand thrown mugs                                       Clay on Main

 & Tea bag assortment                                                                             Doris Kirschner

23. Shaker Inspired Cherry Basket w/finger joinery                              Dan Biss

  (Shaker inspired tote. The tote is made from cherry

  and uses finger joinery for the sides and handle.)

24. Fender Acoustic Guitar, barely uses 2/case & extras                       Sarah Marie Stahlke

25. Wall Hanging, Still Life Vase w/flowers 21 x 21                                 Pat Gault

26. Apricot Pie                                                                                            Sue Blatt

27. 1 dozen Eleanor’s beloved Chocolate Chip Cookies (8 bags)           Eleanor Robinson

28. Japanese Pottery Platter                                                                 Nancy & Ray Dotter

 29. 30 Hours “semi-skilled” labor, by the hour                                      Ted Noble/Dan Biss

 from Grumpy Services an unofficial division of WCOTB            (The Organizer Grumpies)

30. Little Singer thread box w/thread & sewing kit                                 Rick & Barbie Kuhns

31. Dinner al fresco on the Deck for 6!                                                       Scott & Sue Blatt

(must enjoy large, friendly gold retrievers!)

32. Wall hanging (Purple with flowers)                                                       Karen Redner

33. 2 Apple Dumplings (4 sets offered)                                                       Verna Hartman

34. Up cycled Lap robe made from dog neckerchiefs                                 Nancy Dotter

35. Saffron Basket –Approximately 2 dozen saffron corns (bulbs)           Linda    Hoover          (with instructions, saffron rice and about ½ gram of saffron)                                                       

36. Quilt, 86 x 86 Queen size                                                                             Jill Nagy

37. Pineapple Upside-down cake                                                                  Ruth Ann Haas

38. Knights Helm and display sword                                                                  Emilio Mendez

39. Redner’s Box at the Santander Arena for Saturday, April 7              Karen  Redner 
          for a Reading Royals Game! Free Parking, 14 seats

40. Original Painted Picture “Ma & Pa Hit the Hay”                                     Carol Beck

41. A Seafood Bouillabaisse Dinner for 4, including all the extras                Doris Krick

(location, a scenic 45 minute trip to Wild Cherry Knoll, Macungie, PA)

42. 3 phone set                                                                                                   Verna Hartman

43. Loaf of Cinnamon Bread (4 offered)                                                       Darlene Dunn

44. Small Church Pew from our old Church                                                       Ray Dotter

45. Apricot Pie                                                                                                   Sue Blatt

46. One big, One little Kitty Cubes – sold separately                                  Barbara Hill

47. 4 Hours Unskilled yard work                                                                  Don Solinger

48. Sausage grinder from Enterprise Manufacturing Company                      Fawn & Lee Seifrit

49. $50.00 Avon Gift Certificate                                                                  Sandy Henderson

50. Snack Basket                                                                                        Dorothy & Deb Smith

51. Swim Party at Bechtels for 10. Games, prizes, horseshoes,            Brenda & Doug Bechtel

Campfire, roasted hot dogs, s’mores, etc.

Great for kid’s party, family gather, or just for fun!

52. Quilted Lap robe, made by Linda Cope, never used, just hung           The Dotters

53. Homemade Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons                              Barb Pettit

54. Dinner for 6 at the Robinsons                                                        Eleanor & Don Robinson

55. Vase of 4 scarves                                                                              Margaret Hildebrand

56. Death By Chocolate Cake, 4 two serving size cakes offered                      Nancy Dotter

57. Walnut Information Center (21” x 39”)                                                       Dan Biss

58. Embroidery Picture (Tree)                                                                             Karen Redner

59. Steak on the Grill, Dinner for 4                                                                  Carl & Linda Voelker

60. Small tart of 1 each, an apricot and blueberry                                            Sue Blatt

61. Dark green, stain resistant table cloth, 36” long                                 Margaret Hildebrand

62. Basket of Beauty Products                                                                             Bonnie Chelius

63. Thomas Kinkaid “God’s Greatest Gift” figurine                                  Dunn/Zimmerman

(Narrated by Thomas Kinkaid, uses 3 AAA batteries included)

64. Adult “Spring” Basket                                                                   Bauer/Young families

65. Homemade Dog Treats                                                                             Dawn Solinger

66. Decorative Music Box Table                                                                  Emilio Mendez

67. Blueberry Cheese Pie (in fridge)                                                           Kathy Ulrich

68. 1 quart delicious homemade soup, 6 varieties offered                      Deb Smith

 sold by the quart, 3 are vegetarian

69. Pampered Chef Covered Baker, lightly used                                       Nancy & Ray Dotter

70. 3 Jams, Blueberry, Black Raspberry Jam   & surprise jam                  Mary Jo Noble

71. Framed Picture                                                                                        Emilio Mendez

72. Homemade Easter Eggs (1 dozen per container) 4 offered                      Nancy Dotter

73. Texas Road House Gift Card                                                                Kirk & Ruth Ann Haas

74. Desk Chair                                                                                                   Verna Hartman

75. Christmas Cookie Box, 9 dozen different kinds of Cookies,                     Eleanor Robinson

76. Gift certificate for 3 bars of Linda’s soaps,                                            Linda Hoover

(soap dish, soap saver, and lotion barb)

77. Small wooden storage cabinet for kitchen or bath                                 Kathy Ulrich

78. Outdoor Patio Pillow 18 x 18                                                               Margaret Hildebrand

79. 2 Spring Planters – sold separately                                                       Glenn & Kay Pfautz

80. Longaberger Candle Basket                                                                 Margaret Hildebrand

81. Award winning Cream Cheese Apple Pie                                            Linda Hoover

82. 2 Original watercolors, sold separately                                                Cindy Cooley           

83. 14 x 14 Blue Sofa Pillow                                                                       Margaret Hildebrand

84. Signed and Framed Bird Photo                                                                  Deb Brubaker

85. German Chocolate Cake                                                                             Barb Pettit

86. Like new Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack                                                       Lee Seifrit

87. A Grilled Steak Dinner for 2, including extras                                            Doris Krick

(location, a scenic 45 minute trip to Wild Cherry Knoll, Macungie PA)

88. Globe on stand                                                                                        Emilio Mendez


A beautiful, handmade, home-grown walnut message center will be auctioned off!