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Thanksgiving means Gratitude!

Counting your

 blessings is a great

way to bring an

attitude of gratitude

into your life.

Here are 5 simple

ways you can

develop gratitude:

1) Keep a Gratitude Journal.


2) Pay Attention. So often the little acts of kindness go unrecognized,

someone opening a door, letting you go first, clearing away a dish.


3) Remind yourself to Be Open to everything that comes your way that

day. ( Do this EARLY in the day, and often, remind yourself, be open.)


4) All life is a Gift. Some no longer have that gift. Enjoy your present!


5) Practice Gratitude. Being grateful for dirty dishes, messy rooms,

a chaotic work place, becuase these things mean you have

food, shelter and the means to support yourself.


We are all blessed. May your blessings increase...or at least your

awareness of you blessings increase as you work on your attitude of