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A recent study indicates that both pastors and churchgoers see “financial stewardship” as a vital part of their faith. Yet it remain some of the most difficult topics for pastors and church goers to talk about. Preaching on giving and tithing can feel self-serving or punitive...either way, it is an often avoided topic in Sunday morning worship.

Truth is, there are administrative costs to run a local church. There are internal programs (think children’s Sunday School and music ministry), as well as any number of great outreach projects we commit financial resources to help support (feeding the hungry,disaster response, Church World Service) and many more!

               There is no way around it...ministry costs both time and money. People are being nurtured in their faith; families are being encouraged; lives are changed; the larger community hears andsees visible evidence of the gospel being lived out within and beyond our walls.

God is at work here,and your generous gifts are what makes these and other ministries possible.

Jesus viewed others, not so much in terms of what they were, but in terms of what they would become as a result of loving God with all their heart. Our giving is the deep gratitude we give back to God.


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