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Pastor Jan's Corner- September


The Wyomissing Church of the Brethren’s congregational vision statement reads: “The Wyomissing Church of the Brethren will be a loving, accepting community of Christian believers. Together we will encourage and support each other both to grow spiritually through Jesus’ teachings and to actively, personally serve the community, both locally and beyond, so that God’s love is shared through us.”

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What a great statement of faith


and hope! What an energetic


mission to show God’s love


throughout the world! What a


VISION! Communities are  intended to be


fluid – that is, “subject to change or


movement” (Webster). I see our work and


our ministry together within the church


community to be moving, unfixed, and actively


engaged, as we continue living out our stated


vision in following Jesus. May we remember


that our role as “believers” is never static,


fixed, or immovable as we live out such an


important mission. Rather, we are invited


to expand and recast the vision, interpreting


it for such a time as this. I pray God’s


blessing on an ever-changing,


ever-responsive approach in our work together.

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